A Tour of the Parent App

A virtual step by step guide of your new Parent App.

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Welcome to your new Parent App. Let’s show you around!


Here you can see your child’s profile picture and age in months. Underneath is your Nursery's name and contact details, by clicking these you can call and email directly from Blossom! To the right is your child’s Key People & Room.

By clicking on ‘All About Me’ you can update your child’s routine, likes and dislikes. This will automatically update on the nursery side!

At the bottom, scroll across to see your Golden Moments. Here you can see observations and photos that have been sent from the nursery.

If you are ever lost on the Parent App, click your child’s picture to return to the home screen.


Click the three bar menu in the top left corner to enter the Parent World.

If you have more than one child, click on your child’s picture to select the child profile you wish to view.


Click Accounts to view your finances across all children. You will be able to view invoices and payment receipts. This will be updated on the Nursery side and then reflected on the Parent App.


Nursery News will display all newsletters and updates relevant for your child, sent from your nursery.


Home Activities are created by Blossom and provide EYFS activities to try with your little ones at home!


By selecting ‘My Profile’ you can view contact information your Nursery currently has for you. To update this information, contact your nursery.


Your version number is at the bottom of the Parent World.


The diary is your window into your child’s day at nursery. The nursery can record meals, snacks, nappies, sleeps and bottles. They can share important moments, milestones and updates throughout the day, always keeping you informed.


Your child’s developmental journey is recorded at nursery. It consists of observations, photos and reports. You can feed directly into this by creating your own observations from home & sending them in to the nursery via the Parent App.

Click Journey > Home Observations > +

How can you email the Nursery from the Parent App?

You can contact the nursery from your Parent App by clicking on their contact information just under your child’s profile picture.

  • Parent App > Click on Nursery information > Send Email

At what point do observations go to the Parent App?

Once an observation has been approved by a manager, the observation is sent out to the Parent App providing “Share on Parent App” was clicked when making the observation.


We are always looking to improve our app and services and we want to hear from you! Email us on support@blossomeducational.com to tell us what you love, what you would change and what you would like for the future.


We hope you are enjoying your Blossom experience! Please click the links below to visit the App Store or Google Play Store and leave us a review. Thank you for taking time to share your experience.

Need anything else? Click below to download the Parent Guide to help you get started with the Blossom Parent App:

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