Once funding has been created at nursery level, it can then be applied to the child within their profile.

How do I apply funding to a child?

Children > Booking Pattern > Funding > + Create.

Once a funding type has been selected, the fields within the funding will be automatically populated.

Funding allocation improvements?

  • Finance > Funding > Click into child > Click edit key on allocation > Each week now has a green, grey or yellow tick.

Green tick: The full amount of funding has been allocated correctly.

Grey tick: There has not been the full amount of funding applied each week.

Yellow tick: Funding has been over allocated, spilt over a partial week or there are two different funding types applied. Therefore, the system does not know the exact amount that should have been applied.


Can I edit the funding at child level?

Yes, you are able to edit the populated funding information at child level. However, there are two headings you are unable to edit at child level which are the funding type & the exclusion periods.

Top tip: If you edit the default period which is the timeframe for the funding, you will need to input & update the number of hours the child will receive funding for. This will then re calculate the funding value.

Why would I need to edit funding at child level?

  • You may wish to do this if the child starts part way through a term, whereby they do not claim the full amount of funded hours.

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