Once funding has been created at nursery level, it can then be applied to the child within their profile.

How do I apply funding to a child?

Children > Booking Pattern > Funding > + Create.

Once a funding type has been selected, the fields within the funding will be automatically populated.


Can I edit the funding at child level?

  • Yes, you are able to edit the populated funding information at child level. However, there are two headings you are unable to edit at child level which are the funding type & the exclusion periods.

Top tip: If you edit the default period which is the timeframe for the funding, you will need to input & update the number of hours the child will receive funding for. This will then re calculate the funding value.

Why would I need to edit funding at child level?

  • You may wish to do this if the child starts part way through a term, whereby they do not claim the full amount of funded hours.
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