Manually Allocated Funding
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Manually allocated funding is where the funded hours can be manually allocated to specific sessions/hours for each child in their profile. A progress bar will show you exactly which hours are funded and paid.

When using this funding type the funding calculation will be based on actuals.

How is manual funding calculated?

  1. Session cost divided by session hours = nursery hourly rate.

  2. Hours not funded in the funded day x nursery hourly rate = Total charged for the day.

This video will show you everything you'll need to know about manually allocated funding.

Prefer to read? See our full step by step guide below!

Once applied to the child profile, this funding will need to be manually allocated to the child. Once the funding has been allocated, the hours can be invoiced.

How do I manually allocate funding to a child?

  • Children > Select child > Booking pattern > Funding > Click on funding type > Scroll down to allocation to sessions & click the edit key > Click onto the day you wish to apply funding > Add funding time > Save > Now do this for all days you wish to have funding on in the first week > Press apply > This will apply to all future sessions.

Top tip: Don't forget to use the apply button. This allows you to apply the funding to all future weeks which saves lots of time!


Why do I get an error message which says you have exceeded your funding hours?

  • Do not fear, this is because the hours which are trying to be allocated are more than the child’s allowance. This is usually because the funding starts halfway through a week or ends halfway in a week.

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