How do you create an Observation?

To make an Observation, click Blossom Board > Make Observation.

  • Click Select children for this observation.

You can select as many children as you would like. You can type their name in the Search Bar, select a room or click the individual children.

Once you have made your selection, you will see icons appearing under each child to remind you of parental preferences concerning photo permissions! These icons let you know a child's specific photo permissions. For more information, take a look at our article on Photo Permissions.

  • Select the child or children for the observation > Date > General Observation Notes > Upload Files

  • Tag Relevant Children > Share on Parent App Option

Write your observation and click to add your links your chosen framework.

EYFS 2012

You can specify for each link whether they are Emerging, Developing or Secure for each statement, marking across different areas & age bands. The system will automatically show you where the child was previously observed!

  • > Individual Observation Notes > EYFS > Characteristics Of Effective Learning > Next Steps > Review > Approve Observation/ Submit for Approval.

Write your observation and click to add your links to the EYFS.

The EYFS will automatically take you to the age of the child.

EYFS 2012: Characteristics of Effective Learning

You can also still select Characteristics of Effective Learning, COEL.

Development Matters 2021 & Observation Checkpoints

Linking an observation to Development Matters 2021 works in the same way as EYFS 2012. You are able to link to statements using progress levels emerging, developing & secure.

Development Matters 2021: Characteristics of Effective Teaching & Learning

You are able to use the Characteristics of Effective Teaching & Learning when making an observation.

Birth to 5 Matters & Early Learning Goals

If you are using the Birth to 5 Matters, you are able to link to areas of learning.

Birth to 5 Matters: Characteristics of Effective Learning

Alongside the Birth to 5 Matters, you can also link to the Birth to 5 Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Add Next Steps! Here you can choose multiple areas of learning and as many next steps as your wish. You have an open text box to write your own next steps tailored to each child’s development.

You will notice a box on the left hand side asking if you would like to share this onto the Parent App.

If this is ticked, once approved it will automatically be shared to the Parent App. If it is not ticked, it will remain in your platform until you wish to share it in the future.

If you want this tick to appear automatically, click more > Settings >General settings > Sharing observations with Parent App > Yes.


Where do I go to view all observations & next steps?

  • When wanting to look at observations or next steps these are all stored in learning.

  • You can filter through observations by a date, who created the observation, key person & room. You can also export them here to managers.

  • You can filter through next steps by a date range, key person & room. Also whether the next step is being worked on, achieved or achieved with no observation made.

If I start writing an Observation and come off of the page, will I lose my work?

Blossom will automatically save your observations as drafts. You can also manually save on each screen too.

I can’t tag children in the photo on Blossom?

Have you selected the children for the observation? You will need to do this first.

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