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Date Pickers and Filters

To reflect on a specific time period, use the date pickers to create a date range of your choice. You can even see the total amount of reports written in the period. Filters can be enabled to see the type of report and the staff members supervising when these accidents and incident occurred.


There are 4 different report statuses. These are Draft, Approved, Signatures Needed and Approval Needed. To understand what these mean in more detail, please see below.


Reports that have not yet been completed.


All signatures have been collected and the report has been approved by a Manager.

Signatures Needed:

The report has been completed but is awaiting for 1 or more signatures.

Approval Needed:

Complete reports that have been submitted to a Manager for approval.

Creating an Accident or Incident Report

Click +Create to open up the screen below.

Add your chosen title and select the amount of children involved. If you are selecting 1 child, this will create an Accident Report and if selecting more than 1 child, this will create an Incident Report.

You can write the details of the accident or incident inclusive of the risk assessment.

There is the ability to change the date and time and you are able to select the staff members involved. This includes:

  • Staff Supervising,

  • Witness,

  • First Aider,

  • & Senior in charge at the time.

Once you have completed the report, you are able to send to a Manager for approval or, if you have the correct access level, you are able to approve the report yourself.


Let's collect some signatures! There are two options, collect signatures on paper or digitally.

Paper Signatures

If you are collecting signatures on paper, select the toggle to specify when the staff member or parent has signed.

Digital Signatures

Click Add Signature next to each staff member or parent. They can use their finger or stylus to sign onto the tablet.

Reports can be exported & printed from the platform in the format of a PDF. If the report is amended on the platform, signatures will need to be obtained again as the report has be edited and the changes will need to be acknowledged.

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