When children do not appear on the register, there are a few things to check. This will depend on whether a group of children are missing from the register or an individual child.

For a specific child not appearing on the Register, try the following options:

First, check whether the child is a term time child or all year round child. As well as the start & end date of their booking pattern.

  • Click Children > Select child > Booking Pattern > Edit Key.

Top tip: If they are a term time child. Please check the term dates to ensure that they have been input correctly.

Next, check the child's start date & leave date.

  • Children > Select Child > About > Nursery Information > Check the start and leave date.

Top tip: If the child's start date is in the future or leave date is in the past, you can amend this by simply clicking the edit pencil and changing the date. Once updated, they will then appear on the register.

For a group of children missing from your Register, try the following options:

Check your Opening & Closing times are set correctly.

  • Click More > Settings > Nursery Information > Edit Key > Scroll to Opening & Closing Times > Tick Days > Input Times > Save.

Next, check your term dates are set correctly within the current academic year.

  • Click More > Settings > Term Dates.

Remember, if you are an all year round nursery with term time children, your term dates will be inputted into parts.

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