On Blossom you are now able to export all children into a CSV.

  • Children > Click the three dots > Export children > Enter child or all children > Select send to staff member > Select the date range > Select to include archive children > Export.

The CSV file will include the following information in relation to the child.

  • Child's Name

  • Child reference code

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Address

  • Registration date

  • Start & leave date

  • Toilet training status

  • Language spoken at home

  • Parents marital status

  • Position in family

  • Siblings

  • Drinking Method

  • Medication

  • Room

  • Additional dietary requirements

  • Key Person

  • Dietary preferences

  • & allergies

Top tip: When exporting this information children will only appear if they have started within the period that you have input.

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