Nurseries can now use our newly designed accounting exports! These are made up of Child Reference Codes, Account Codes and a specific export for Xero and Sage50.

Child Reference Codes

You can now add children’s unique reference codes which will match to your accounting software. The codes will always be automatically populated unless of course manually edited by the user.

Where can the reference codes be found?

For a specific child

Children > Child > Nursery information > Edit Pencil > Reference code is found at the bottom.

For all children

More > Settings > Finance > Child Reference Codes > You can edit them on this page.

Account Codes

We now have account codes too.

All invoice items will have account/nominal codes that again, match with different accounting softwares which will show on the invoice exports.

Go to More > Settings > Finance > Account Codes.

Finance Export

Finance data can now be exported as a CSV for specific integration with Xero and Sage50 as well as a general export which includes all of the data.

Go to Finance > Invoices > Export

From the export pop up you can select:

  • Either General, Xero or Sage50.

  • Date range.

  • A specific child or all children.

  • Who the export will be sent to.

  • Tick to include invoices and/or credit notes.

Exporting invoices to Xero and Sage 50

If you are still having difficulties exporting your accounting data and you find that the steps explained above are not really clear, don’t worry (it can happen), we are here to help you with that. we have created a video simulation that explains step by step how you can export your accounting data to Sage 50 or to Xero in a few seconds.

Exported CSV

Remember, depending on the accounting tool the columns in the CSV export are designed to differ accordingly.

Things to know about the CSV:

  • Nurseries will get a breakdown per line item.

  • The CSV will recognise positive and negative values for invoices and credit notes.

Importing invoices

Importing invoices into Sage 50

Importing invoices into Xero

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