The nursery milk report allows nurseries to generate, export, and download a report for your free milk claims based on the children's register.

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Once you have exported and downloaded the report you are able to send it on to the nursery milk gateway to claim your free milk for the children who attended the nursery.

On the report, you’ll be able to choose the month, input the unit price (£0.00), and the number of units per child. The report will then automatically calculate how many children were in attendance in total for the month and then the total cost of milk for that month.

Below this, you will see a further breakdown of the child entries. Whereby, you can see the date within the month, the day, and the children in attendance for that day.

The report can be pulled for all previous months as well as the current month you’re in. However, you are unable to generate the report for future months as it is based on the children marked in attendance.

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