What is a Golden Moment?

A Golden Moment is an Observation that has been shared with you by the nursery.

How do I view the Golden Moments?

  • Parent App > Journey > Golden Moments.

  • Parent App > Golden Moments > See all.

What is a Home Observation?

A Home Observation is an activity or photo you have completed at home and sent into the nursery via your Parent App.

How do I create a Home Observation?

Parent App > Journey > Home Observations > Add + > Upload photo(s) > Add text > Send Observation.

How does the nursery see my Home Observation?

Your Home Observation will appear in the nurseries Parent Inbox.

Will I get confirmation when the nursery receives my Home Observation?

You will not receive a confirmation, however the nursery can extend your Home Observation and share this back via the Parent App a a Golden Moment.

How to make a home observation into a full observation?

  • Blossomboard > Parent Inbox > Select the Observation you wish to complete > Make Full Observation > Observation Comment Box > Links to EYFS > Save > Set Next Steps > Review > Approve Observation.

What are reports and assessments?

You will find your child’s 2 Year Checks, Summative and Formative Assessments. These reports will summarise your child’s learning and development at nursery.

Will all my reports be accessible through the Parent App?

Yes! The nursery has the ability to share reports via the Parent App.

How do I view my child’s daily diary?

Parent App > Diary > Select date.

Top tip: If a diary is available for the specific day a green dot will display under the date.

Why can’t I see my child’s diary?

Call your nursery to find out why this may be happening. It could be as simple as not clicking send or a misspelt email address.

How do I view nursery news?

Parent app > Parent World > Nursery news > All news shared will appear.

I cannot see any newsletters?

This could simply be because the permission to receive nursery news is not turned on. Please contact the nursery who will be able to assist in your query.

What are Home Activities?

Home Activities are created by Blossom and provide EYFS activities to try with your little ones at home!

What information is displayed on my Profile?

The profile will display information that you have provided the nursery with. This includes your name, surname, address & telephone numbers.

What is the impact of converting an observation a parent has submitted?

By turning observations into full observations, it provides a more holistic view of the child's progress. Additional information about the child’s development is being collated and recorded in line with your nurseries current method of assessment.

I need to update my contact information, what shall I do?

To update any contact information you will need to contact the nursery and they will be able to update any information for you.

Need anything else? Click below to download the Parent Guide to help you get started with the Blossom Parent App:

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