How do I share formative reports with parents?

Child > Learning Journey > Formative Reports > Tick the ‘share on parent app’ box > Save.

How do I share observations with parents?

To share an observation with a parent you will need to click the 'share on parent app' box. This observation will then appear as a golden moment.

Children > Select child > Learning Journey > Observations > Select observation > Edit pencil > Tick 'share on Parent App' box > Review > Approve observation. This will then be shared to the Parent App.

Nursery News

How do I create a newsletter to send to parents?

More > News > + Create > Select recipients > Enter news title > Add content > Add attachments > Publish.

Will all my parents receive the newsletter?

Yes, providing you have the permission ‘receives news post via email’ turned on within the child’s contact profile.

How do I give a parent permission?

Child > Contact > Select contact > Edit pencil > Scroll down to ‘receives news post via email’ > Tick the box > Update contact.

How can parents make and send observations?

  • Parent App > Journey > Home Observations > Add > Upload a photo or video > Type the details of the observation > Send Observation

Where can I find parent observations?

  • Blossom Board > Parent Inbox

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