Attendance Periods

Add your attendance periods for all year round & multiple term dates!

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On Blossom, you are able to set attendance periods as we understand that many nurseries operate differently.

Attendance periods can be all year round or multiple term time dates. You are able to then select the child's specific attendance schedule within their booking pattern.

How to set your attendance periods

Let's begin with the all-year-round attendance period.

  • More > Settings > Gettings Started > Attendance periods > Add > Input name (Example: All year round) > Select all year round > Save.

Next, are the steps for term time attendance periods.

  • More > Settings > Gettings Started > Attendance periods > Add > Input name (Example: Hertfordshire term dates) > Save & set dates > Filter by year & month > Click a start date and end date & ensure it has highlighted in green > Leave a gap for the holidays > Save.

Top tip: You are able to go as far in the future as you wish & the terms dates can be updated.

*If you have another set of term dates you are now able to set these too. Please complete the above steps & differentiate the term's dates by name. For example, Hertfordshire term dates & Buckinghamshire term dates.

Next, it is time to set your closure dates.

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