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Setting the sessions for your nursery is extremely important! You can create sessions with bespoke titles, fees and start and finish times. These can be added to the child’s booking pattern.

How do I add my sessions?

More > Getting started > Sessions > Create > Session name > Start time > Finish time > Session cost for each age group > Save.

More > Settings > Sessions > Create > Session name > Start time > Finish time > Session cost for each age group > Save.

How to add an hourly session:

More > Settings > Session > Create > Session name > Start time > Finish time > Select hourly session > Session cost for each age group > Save.

How do I add a session with a consumable?

More > Settings > Session > Create session > Add consumable > Enter price > Save.

How do you increase the price of sessions on Blossom?

During the year you may wish to increase the prices of your sessions for various reasons. If you choose to change the prices of your sessions there are two ways in which you are able to do this.

Option 1: You can update session costs by editing existing sessions.


  • Blossomboard > More > Settings > Sessions > Select the Edit Pencil of the session you wish to change the price of > Enter New Prices > Update.

By editing your existing session fees through this method you won’t have to amend the booking patterns of children booked in for those specific sessions.

Option 2: Create new sessions with the increased fees and then edit the booking patterns of the children it applies to.


  • Blossomboard > More > Settings > Sessions > Create > Save.

You may wish to create a new session that reflects the new price you are going to charge. Once you have created the new sessions you will need to amend the booking patterns to reflect the new sessions.

  • Blossomboard > Children > Select Relevant Child > Booking Patterns > Edit Pencil > End Date > Save > Future Sessions > Select New Sessions > Save.

Top tip: We would recommend that you do this the day you run your next invoices.


How many sessions can I add?

You are able to add multiple sessions to your nursery, there is no limit.

Do I have to put different prices in for each age range?

Session costs are dependable on your fee structure.

Does the price change immediately when the child changes age?

No, the fee increase or decrease will be applied the month after the child turns age.

There are no consumables in the drop down, why is this?

You are required to set your consumables up in the finance section first. They will then appear in the drop down menu.

More > Settings > Finance > Consumables > Create > Fill out all fields > Save.

Why would I need a consumable?

A consumable may be used if you have an additional cost to a session. For example, a consumable could be a hot lunch at £5.

The majority of my children are in the same session but some need a consumable & some do not. How do I configure this?

You will need to create two separate sessions. One with a consumable & one without a consumable.

How would I only charge my child for a ½ an hour session?

When it is applied within the child profile you will enter the timeframe for the session. For example 7.30am until 8am. This means if the hourly rate is £10, when charging for half an hour the platform will calculate the correct cost of £5.

How would I set up a settling in session at £0 cost?

To configure this you would set up a session at £0 cost. This can be created as an hourly session or a normal session.

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