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You can add as many rooms or groups as you wish! The ages must lead from one to another. For example:

Baby Room: 3 months - 12 months

Toddler Room: 12 months - 24 months

Pre-school: 24 months - 60 months

You can stipulate how many children each group has capacity for and the typical ratio. This will formulate the parameters for your current and forecasted Occupancy.

Rooms on the platform are quick and simple to set up! You are able to add as many rooms as you wish by following the steps below.

More > Rooms > + Create

When adding a room you will need to input specific information in relation to the room.

Room name: This is the name of the room.

Start Age: The age the children will be when they enter this room.

Finish Age: The age the children will be when they leave or move onto the next room.

Capacity: The amount of children you are able to have in the room.

Ratio: How many staff you need in relation to the amount of children.

Minimum staff required: The amount of staff you need for the minimum amount of children. For example, if you had 1 child how many staff would be required?

Once the rooms have been created they will display like the image below.

More > Rooms > Active rooms will be displayed

On this page you are able to filter by active, archived & all rooms. You can also edit your rooms.

More > Rooms > Click edit key on specific room > Here you can archive or edit the room details > Save.

Default moves

Default room moves will need to be created to inform the platform on how your children move between the rooms within your nursery! Your default room move will also enable the occupancy feature to work effectively and project data!

More > Rooms > Default moves > Add default room move > Select move from room > Select move to room > Select move on > Click the tick

Move from & to: All of your rooms set up within your nursery settings should appear in the move from & move to drops downs. The additional option will be leaving under the move to drop down.

Move on: There are two options here, move immediately at room end age & end of month at room end age.

Top tip: Once you have successfully set your default room moves you will see that a green tick appears by the room name.

Room moves

The rooms, the default room moves have been set which means the room moves will now have been automatically populated based on the child’s specific information for example their date of birth.

More > Rooms > Room Moves

On this page, you are able to filter by room & filter by date range by simply using the filters displayed. You can also use the search child bar to narrow down your search.

Top tip: Although the room moves are automatically populated, we understand that they may need to be delayed or happen sooner! Therefore, you are of course able to edit them!

Editing a room move

On the room moves page, you will have the option to confirm & edit a room move.

More > Rooms > Room moves > Click the edit key > Current room is displayed under move from > Select the move to room from the drop down > Enter move on date > Assign new key person > Submit.

Confirming a room move

When confirming a room move, you are happy with the specified date. This then reflects the register which means on that date you will see the child appear in the room they are moving too. Once you have confirmed the room move, the greyed out tick will appear green like so.

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