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On the 'Children' Page, you will find a list of all the children registered at your setting. When you land on this page, it will look like this:

From this page, you are able to achieve a number of things. Let's talk you through everything!

Adding a Child

First and foremost, you can add a new child. You do this my clicking the + Add a New Child button located in the top right corner of the page. This will then take you through the child set up process. Learn more about that here.

Using Filters

There are multiple filters you can use on the children's page which helps to narrow down your search!

All rooms: You can filter by the rooms that are set up within the nursery.

Current children: This is the default filter which you can change to archived children. When set to archived only your archived children will appear.

Age in months: This will sort your children by age.

Top Tip: Many nurseries will use the age range filter to check when and which children are entitled to receive funding!

Search child

You can even narrow down your search by typing the child’s name into the search child bar. This will specifically display the child you are looking for.

Top tip: The children search bar filters down the children based on their display name. This is set within the child’s profile.

Selecting a Child

If you wish to view a child's profile, you can use the search bar at the top to find the child's profile you wish to view. Simply click their name and you'll be led directly to their profile.

How do you export children?

  • Children > Click the three dots > Export children > Enter child or all children > Select send to staff member > Select the date range > Select to include archive children > Export.


I have a new starter child and they are not appearing under current children, where can I find them?

Please use the filters and filter by archived to search for the child. Often, nurseries will archive a child if they have not yet started.

How do I unarchive a child for them to appear under current children?

Child Profile > Click the edit key on general information > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Unarchive child.

A child has left the nursery but they still appear under current children. How do I delete the child?

You will need to archive the child and then use the filters on the children's page to view the child under archived.

Child profile > Click the edit key on general information > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Archive child.

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