The booking pattern section is found with the child profile. In this area you are able to add different session sets, extra sessions, extra items, discounts & funding for the individual child. These are all vital aspects that relate to the nurseries finances.


Now that you have set your sessions up at nursery level you will need to apply them to the children individually. To do this follow the steps below:

Children > Select Child > Booking Pattern > Sessions > Add Session

Children > Select Child > Booking Pattern > Sessions > Add Session > Enter Start Date > Enter end date or select ongoing > Select Term time or All year round > Select Actuals or Averages > Select session from the drop down of each day > Save.

Start date: This is the start date of the child’s session set.

End date: This date would be the end date to a set of sessions.

Ongoing: This is to be ticked if the session set is ongoing.

Term time: Select term time If the child only attends nursery term time only.

All year round: Select all year round if the child attends all year round.

Actuals: To be billed for the actual sessions of the invoice period.

Averages: To be billed on an average basis each month.

How do you edit a Child’s Booking Patterns?

  • Child > Booking Pattern > Click edit key on current session > Untick ongoing > Enter end date > Save > A pop up will appear asking if you would like to start the auto credit noting process > Save and continue.


How do I apply more than one session to my child for one day?

Under each day you will see in pink ‘add session’ click this and select another session from the drop down box. This will allow you to add multiple sessions.

I have inputted sessions from the past that have an end date & they do not show on my current session screen?

This is because the sessions are in the past. You will need to select session history.

How many different session sets can I have?

You can input as many session sets into Blossom as you wish.

When adding an hourly rate session, no time appears?

Hourly rate sessions require you to input the time. This is because you may apply the hourly rate session to a child that is going to do an extra hour or alternatively they could do an extra three hours.

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