The finance tab within the child’s profile can be found by simply clicking finance on their page. This section shows you the child’s invoicing page. On this page, you are able to view:

  • Bank details,

  • The child’s current plan

  • Notes added to the account

  • Total outstanding amount

  • Total billed to date

  • Create a invoice

  • Add a payment

  • & any current invoices or credit notes

Top tip: You are also able to click on the side tab which presents you with the transactions page & the payment history page.

How do I generate an invoice?

Child > Finance > + > Input invoice title > Select invoice month or the invoice period > Calculate.

Top tip: The invoice date & Due date will automatically populate as this is linked to your invoice settings.

Invoice title: This is the name of the invoice. For example: June 2020.

Select Month: This is where you can select the specific invoice month. If you use this option the start and end date will automatically populate.

Start date & end date: This enables you to select a specific date range for your invoice. For example, you would use this option if you do not invoice a month at a time.

Top tip: Please note, for automated ‘average’ fee and funding calculations to calculate correctly, you must select a full month period. This is where you would use the select month option.

Invoice number: This is automatically generated as it is linked to your previously set invoice settings. However, if you wish you are able to manually edit the number.

Invoice date: This defaults to the current date but can be manually changed to past or future dates.

Due date: This is based on your invoice settings previously inputted. For example, if 6 days were inputted the due date will default to 6 days after the invoice date.

Calculate: This button will calculate the invoice. Once clicked, line items for the child will appear below. The line items will take into account all information with a financial value within the child’s profile. For example, the child’s booking pattern, the child’s funding allocation, extra items, discounts & extra sessions.

Top tip: Once calculated, individual line items can be edited or deleted. You are also able to manually add a line item by clicking ‘add line item’.

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