The diary page is the home of where you log meals, snacks, nappies, sleeps, bottles and activities in your setting. When landing on the diary page, you will see these aforementioned categories at the top of the page, alongside two filters for the room & date. This allows you to log something in the diary in the past. Below is how this page will look at first glance:

Lets break down each category:

Meals & Snacks

The box at the top of the meals section allows you to set a standard menu for your nursery. This is where you can log breakfast, lunch and tea (or AM/PM for snacks), as well as which items are on the menu. When you click the button to set the menu, it will apply these settings to all of the children currently signed into the nursery.

When the menu is applied, it then needs to be confirmed. Under each child, you can set the time of the meal, edit what they have eaten, select how much they have eaten and write custom comments if desired. Once you are happy with it, click the tick in the upper right hand corner, or you can undo any actions with the undo button. Below each child’s profile, it displays their dietary preference or allergies.

Nappies, Sleeps & Bottles

The Nappies, Sleeps & Bottles sections all work in the same way. To create an entry, go to the category of your choice. From here you have two options. Scrolling down the page, you will find children who are listed as having nappies, sleeps or bottles. All you need to do is click the button to add an entry. Or, you can click the button which says ‘+ Add Child’ and follow the steps to create an entry. This is for children who do not usually have nappies, sleeps or bottles. In the pop-up, you first must make your selection of one or more children.

When you have your children selected, you can then fill out the fields to add detail to your entry. There is also the option to add custom comments under the entry before submitting the diary entry. See an example of this below:


Creating an activity works slightly differently to the other categories in the diary. On the overview of the page, you can see how many children have completed an activity that day as well as their photo permissions. To create an entry click on the ‘+ Activity’ button. Following the steps on the pop-up, firstly select the children for the activity. You can then set the activity name, time, comment and attach photos.

How to send out the Diary

Diary (live or controlled)

There are two ways you can send diaries out to parents. You can send live updates or send them at the end of the day with all the days information in.

Once happy with the diary entries you have made, it's time to send out the diary to parents! To send the diary, go to the Blossom Board and click the send diary button. This will approve the diary and send it to parents via email or Parent App.

Live updates throughout the day

To send live updates throughout the nursery day, all you need to do is send the diary at the beginning of the day. This will mean any diary entry input from this point will automatically go to the parent.

  • Blossom Board > Send Diary > Select Relevant Room or Children > Approve Diary

Remember, to send the diary once all children are signed in.

Controlled Updates

Alternatively, you may wish to send a dairy out at the end of the day. To do this you can apply the same method however, you go through this process at the end of the day as opposed to the morning.


  • Blossom Board > Send Diary > Select Relevant Room or Children > Approve Diary

Where can I find information about a Accident and Incidents on the Parents App?

Parents can view Accident and Incident forms on the Parent App. Essentially, the Accidents and Incident forms are documented accounts of either an accident or an incident that occured at the setting. These documents contain complete details including medical information, allergies, risk assessment, location and any pictures relating to the accident or incident.

How do I manage the items on the menu?

To manage the menu for the meal and snack items, go to More > Settings > Menu Items. In the menu settings, you can edit entries, archive unwanted items and add new items.

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