Connecting to BE Paid is quick and easy! First, you will need to access the Blossom Payment Gateway.

  • More > Settings > Finance > Blossom Payment Gateway

Connect BE Paid with Stripe

Upon visiting the Blossom Payment Gateway, a button will appear which says ‘Connect with Stripe’. Click this button to begin the setup process.

Blossom has partnered with Stripe to ensure all payments are protected. Once you choose to connect with Stripe, you will be redirected to the sign-up page. Here you simply input all the information required to receive payments. If you run into issues with the Stripe sign-up process, please visit:

Activating payment types

Once your Stripe account is connected to Blossom, you can choose to activate the different payment types. Simply switch the toggle to ‘on’ and parents will be able to pay using that method.

Collecting payments

Send out an invoice to parents as you normally would. For more information on how to send invoices, read this article. Parents will receive a notification that they have received an invoice with a payment due date. Parents who have set up a BACS Direct Debit will have the payment taken from their bank account automatically on the date specified by the nursery, which will be either the first day of the month or the last working day of the month.

A BACS Direct Debit run can take up to 7 days to process the payment. If the Direct Debit run has failed, the parent will immediately get an email notifying them. Accounts with access to the payment gateway can view when the next 3 Direct Debit runs will take place.

Payments page

Nursery staff with access to the finance area of Blossom will be able to find the ‘Payments’ tab within the ‘Finance’ section. Here, you can see an overview of all payments, as well as a source of where they came from. Under the payment method, you can see whether it was a card, direct debit and if it was paid via the Parent App or added manually by the nursery. You can also view the status of payments made through the Parent App.


Under the finance tab, you will also find the ‘Payouts’ page. Here there is an overview of money that has been paid out, is pending, in transit or has failed. On this page, you will also find a breakdown of your transaction fees.


At this time, BE Paid does not offer refunds. However, any credit you need to pay back can happen outside the app. All you have to do is add the activity to the parent's account by creating a balance adjustment.

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