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How to add an extra session and how to invoice for them.

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An extra session is inputted when a child needs to attend a session which is additional to their booking pattern. There are two ways of adding extra sessions however below are the steps to follow when adding an extra session from the child’s profile.

Children > Select Child > Booking Pattern > Extra Sessions > Create > Select session from drop down > Select Date > Save.

Please note: If you add an hourly rate extra session it will appear slightly differently whereby you will need to input the session times.

How can I archive an extra session?

Children > Select Child > Booking Pattern > Extra Sessions > Click the edit key on the extra session you wish to archive > Select Archive > A pop will appear asking are you sure you want to archive this extra session? > Click archive > Filter by archive & the extra session will appear.


Why does the platform continue to pull through an extra session on my invoices?

This indicates that the extra session has not been invoiced for. It could be that you have added the extra session after the invoice date or alternatively added in two sessions for the same date.

How do I invoice for an extra session when I have already invoiced for the month?

You can raise an invoice for the extra sessions only within the same month or you can wait until next month and Blossom will automatically add this as a line item.

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