Parents are now able to request extra sessions through their Parent App!

First and foremost, please ensure that all parents have updated their app to the latest version which is 2.7.0.

Once the app has been updated & the nursery has enabled the feature. The parent will see a + sign on the child schedule.

  • Parent App > Click child schedule > Click + in the top right corner.

How does a parent request an extra session?

  • Parent App > Click child schedule > Click + in the top right corner > Select the specific date you wish to book > Here all extra sessions available to book will appear > Click add on the specific session > Click view requests > Click add a note for the nursery (optional) > Click save > Once happy click send requests.

Once you have clicked send requests it will be delivered to the nursery for approval.

How do parents delete a requested extra session?

Parents are only able to remove an extra session request before they have sent it to the nursery. Once the parent has sent the request they are unable to delete their request. They will need to contact the nursery directly and then the nursery can decline the request from their platform.

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