Here at Blossom we like to assist our nurseries in launching new features! We have created a short example narrative that can be used to introduce your parents to requesting extra sessions through the app.

Remember! This is just an example. Therefore, please do edit & tailor it to your individual nursery.

Good Afternoon to all,

Welcome to the new feature of requesting extra sessions through the Blossom Parent App.

The feature has been designed to allow you to request extra sessions in addition to your child's current booking pattern. For example, you have a busy day of appointments coming up & you need to book your child into nursery! This has now been made quick and easy and can be completed through the App!

To be able to successfully book extra sessions once we have activated it from the nursery side, please ensure you have the updated version of the app which is 2.7.1 for apple users & 2.7.2 for android users.

Next, you will need to open your app & click child schedule. You will see 'regular booking', 'extra sessions' and in the top right corner a '+' symbol. Click here, search for a specific date & any available extra sessions to book will appear. Please select the date and session then simply view and submit your request.

Once your request has been submitted it will be received by the management team. Please do be patient whilst we review the requests. Once we have approved or declined the request you will receive an update to your Parent App that informs you.

We cannot wait for you to start requesting sessions. We hope it will be a valuable feature to you all & allows you to plan further ahead of time!

Remember! You may wish to add some additional notes in relation to your specific nursery settings. For example, how far in advance the parents can book or how many days prior you can book.

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