Our News feature was designed to enhance communication with parents and staff members. With automated mailing lists & flexible usage, you are able to send a variety of documentation securely; activities for parents to try at home, monthly newsletters, reminders, documents, the list goes on!

Click More > News.

Here you will see draft newsletters from the user currently signed in and all published newsletter across your entire account.

Use the following filters to narrow down your search.

Start date & end date: Enter a date range to look through a specific time period.

Shared with: Select specific groups or rooms to show news that have been sent.

All post: Automatically defaulted to 'all post', you are able to filter by published or draft.

Creating a post

To create a new post click More > News > Create

Much like an email, you can create a communication by completing the following areas.

From: This will always show your nursery name on the left & the authors name to the right.

To Group: You are able to select rooms, groups or staff.

To individuals: You are able to select individual children and/or staff members.

Post title: This will be the title of your post. Much like a subject of an email.

Content: You are able to create your own posts from scratch choosing fonts, text size & style, add tables, paragraphs and images. Similar to formatting a word document.

Attachments: You are able to add a range of attachments. Blossom supports the following file types: PDF, JPEG, PNG & the maximum file size is up to 25MB.

Save as draft: This will save your post in a draft state to be completed at a later time. Drafts will only appear for the author signed in.

Publish: Clicking publish will send the post to all selected groups, rooms or individuals!


Will all my parents receive the newsletter?

Click on Children > Child > Contact. Here you will be able to see which contacts have access to receive news posts.

How do I give a parent permission?

Click on Children > Child > Contact > Select Contact > Edit Pencil > Receives News Post’ > Select Toggle > Update Contact.

Can I create my own groups?

You can create your own groups by selecting multiple individuals of your choice. Click More > News > + Create > Select your Individuals.

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