Staff Register

Staff register for staff members to clock in and out of work.

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Staff register overview

Go to More > Staff > Staff Register

When you continue from the pop up, you will be logged out of the main nursery app and enter staff register mode. This is for security reasons so the data from the main app cannot be accessed by staff members using the device to clock in or out on the register (particularly staff members with the permission level set to ‘register only staff’). When exiting the staff register you will have to log back in to access the main app.

The staff register has a list of staff with their current status (clocked in, clocked out or on break). You can filter by those statuses and also by the overall locations (inside building or outside building). Use the search bar to quickly find yourself.

Create your pin

Your 4 digit pin is used to update your register status. After selecting yourself, you will be prompted to create your 4 digit pin if you have not already created one. Enter your username/email and password and click continue.

Choose your 4 digit pin, then confirm the pin again. Once created you will get a confirmation on your screen and via email. Use this pin going forward when using the register.

Forgot your pin

This process is the same as when creating a pin. Select yourself on the staff register and click the forgot pin button. Enter your credentials and set your new 4 digit pin. Confirm the pin and you will get a confirmation on screen and via email.

Using the staff register

Select yourself on the register and enter your pin to update your register status.

If you are currently:

  • Clocked out: You will only have the option to clock in.

  • Clocked in: You can change locations, start break or clock out.

  • On break: You can only end break (works the same as clocking in)

Unless you are clocking out, you will have to select a location for the next step. For breaks the location step can be skipped by using the skip button which is situated next to the confirm button.

Entries logged from the register create working and break activities in the staff worklog summed up separately. Clocked in times count towards the total working hours. Managers can edit entries in the worklog and export the worklog for payroll purposes.

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