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Manage staff member’s holidays and absences.

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Staff leave overview

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Managers can get a monthly overview of staff members with leave to improve staff planning and help keep track of leave hours. Leaves are added as specific times and hours. Leave times cannot overlap with each other but can be added in parallel to working and break times in the staff worklog and staff rota. It can be seen when using both features.

On staff leaves you can search for a staff member for quick access, filter by leave types and use the toggle to view all staff members on the list or just the ones with leave. The colours represent the leave types (holidays and sick leave) and the days show the total hours of leave.

Click on an existing leave entry to view the following information:

  • Period and total hours for the full leave entry.

  • Date and hours for the selected day within the leave entry.

  • Edit or delete a leave entry (the full period of that entry).

Multiple leave types on the same day splits the cell and entries can be selected separately.

Add staff leave

From the staff leave page, click add leave from the button or click on the plus icon when hovering over a day without any existing leave.

Select the staff member and leave type. After the selecting the date range, those days will appear for the leave times to be inputted. From the 3 dots you can add more times to a day and also copy the times in that day to all of the days to save time.

A banner will indicate if there is existing leave on the same day from a different leave entry.

You can view and manage a specific staff member’s leave from their profile.

You can also add your own Leave options. Click More > Settings > Leave Types. Here you are able to add different leave types such as maternity or paternity etc.

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