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View and edit profile information about staff members

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From the staff profile you can edit information about the staff member and view their leaves.

Go to More > Staff > Staff List > Select a staff member

Details about staff members

In the profile information, there are new fields related to staff management:

  • Payroll number: Input the staff member’s payroll number, which will be seen in various staff exports.

  • 1:13 staff child qualification: Turn this toggle on if the staff member can take responsibility for more children of certain age groups (specified in the nursery settings). In the staff rota you can set a ratio between 1:8 and 1:13 for the staff member’s shift which will impact the default staff-child ratio and the staff required for the time and room.


From the Contracts tab, you are able to create new contracts or view contract history.

To create a new contract, click create contract and fill out the following fields.

Please pay particular attention to the following areas:

Contract End Date: If this contract is for the foreseeable future, click ongoing.

Hourly rate: This is the hourly rate the member of staff is paid. Some nurseries may include or exclude breaks.

Overtime treatment: How does this member of staff collect overtime? Is their overtime paid? Not paid? Or do they collect the hours and take time off in the future? (TOIL)

The Staff Profile contains many confidential details. It can only be viewed by a Managers Access Level and staff members can see their own profile only. They can not amend any details.

Manage Staff Leave

From the Leave tab, view the staff member’s holidays and sick leave within a date range. Click the 3 dots to edit or delete leave.

You are able to add leave from the button. After selecting the leave type and date range, those days will appear for the leave times to be inputted. From the 3 dots you can add multiple times to a day and to save yourself time you can click 'copy to all' which will copy the times to all days within the time frame.

A banner will indicate if there is existing leave on the same day from a different leave entry.

Top Tip: Leave times cannot overlap with each other.

On the right hand side of the screen you will also notice a pop-up! Here you are able to add annual leave entitlement.

For example; click add note > select the annual leave period (1st Jan - 31st Dec) > add the staff members annual leave entitlement in hours, 180 hours > save note.

This will provide a record of each staff members leave entitlement.

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