Formative Reports on Blossom allow you to summarise the child's termly progress.

How do I create a Formative Report?

You are able to create a Formative Report from the child profile or through the learning tab on the Blossomboard.

  • Child Profile | Child > Learning Journey > Formative Reports > + Formative Report > Create Formative Report > Select Term > Enter Date Range > Type of Report > Select Formative Report.

  • Blossomboard | Learning > Formative Reports > + Formative Report > Select Child > Select Term > Enter Date Range > Type of Report > Select Formative Report.

Next, you have four tabs (Child Overview, Age bands & targets, COEL and Comments) which you can edit to provide a true reflection of the child’s progress.

The Child Overview provides you with a snapshot of basic information pertaining to the child’s attendance and details any specific information such as special educational needs or if the child has English as an Additional Language.

If you click on the Age bands & targets you will see the seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum abbreviated, you can select a specific area such as PSED and then manually select for each category that falls under it where the child is at. There are 3 options to choose from; Emerging, Expecting and Exceeding.

  • Expected: your child is working at the level expected for his age (green on Blossom)

  • Emerging: your child is working below the expected level (red on Blossom)

  • Exceeding: your child is working above the expected level (blue on Blossom)

You then have the option to select the age bands for each area accordingly.

Lastly, for each section you can add in any specific comments that you would like to record and also the next steps for home.

Remember! You will need to repeat this process for all areas of the Early Years Curriculum.

The next tab is the Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL). Within this section any areas that have been linked to the COEL within an observation in the report time period will show.

The final element of the Formative Report includes recording the Child’s voice, so any relevant comments that the child may have made or that you would like to record can be stipulated under the Comments section which is the last tab on the right.

You can also record the Key workers comments here as well.

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