Nurseries are now able to add an enquiry manually into the system. For example, this would be completed in cases where perhaps an enquiry was made in person or over the phone. In order to add an enquiry please follow the steps below.

  • More > Enquiries > Add enquiry > Input Contact information > Input child information > If known input viewing information & the desired sessions > Input Enquiry details > Click save enquiry.

Once you have input your desired sessions you will see the weekly session value will calculate.

How is the weekly session value calculated?

  • The weekly session value is based on the child's age in relation to the child's desired start date and not the actual child's current age. This is to make sure it is the correct forecasted price for when the child is due to start. The reason for this is because if it is the child's actual age the value would constantly update and historic data would therefore be incorrect.

  • Top tip: If the date of birth or desired start date is not filled out the system will be unable to calculate the weekly session value and in turn it will be left with no value.

Lastly, once you have added an enquiry you will be redirected to the Enquiry page where it will be listed.

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