When you receive an enquiry the family enquiring may suggest their desired sessions. Therefore, it is important to check to see if you are able to offer their requested days.

Remember! Nurseries should check the availability at different stages of the enquiry process. For example when entering the desired sessions for the first time and again before enrolling the child. This is because the availability may have changed and of course you would want to make sure the space was definitely available at the time of enrolling the child.

On Blossom, this is quick and easy to check. All you will need to do is check your Occupancy Planner. The occupancy planner report provides you with an overview of the available spaces at the nursery.

How do I access my occupancy planner?

  • More > Occupancy > Occupancy Planner > Enter the relevant room > Date > AM/PM Split > This will generate your occupancy report and you can then check for availability.

Once you have checked your available spaces you will be able to continue with the enquiry.

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