Once you have landed on the Enquiries list you will be able to see all your enquiries. This is both, enquiries made through the website & manually input enquiries.

  • All new enquiries will be signified with a blue dot next to them to bring the enquiry to your attention.

Next, you are able to manage your enquires in a various ways by using the filters.

  • Enquiry Date

  • Desired Start Date

  • Status of enquiry

    • The enquiry statuses are; new enquiry, not reached, awaiting show around, contact undecided, no spaces available, enrolled or lost enquiry.

  • Viewings

    • Viewings have two options; booked & not booked which means you can really pin down exactly where the enquiry is.

Exporting Enquiries

Nurseries may wish to export some of the enquiries. To export enquiries simply follow these simple steps.

  • More > Enquiries > Click the three dots which are located next to the + Add Enquiry button > Export > Select the member of staff you wish to export the report to > Select the date range of the enquiries you wish to export > Export.

Once this is exported, you will receive a CSV to your chosen member of staff's email address.

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