The viewings page is to keep an accurate record of all the visits that took place as a result of an enquiry being made or input by the nursery.

How to access the viewing page?

  • More > Enquiries > Viewings

On this page you are able to use the search bar and enter the name of a member of staff, child, or the name of the contact to search for specific show arounds. You can also use the date range filter on the calendar to select specific time periods for show around information.

How to edit the information on a viewing?

At any time you will be able to amend and update the viewing information such as the show around time, date, staff member, status & add any additional notes.

  • More > Enquiries > Viewings > Click into specific viewing > Update specific information > Save.

Finally, you are able to export information from this page.

  • More > Show Around > Click the three dots > Select Export > Select the member of staff you wish to export the report to > Select the date range of the enquiries you wish to export > Export.

Once exported the specific chosen member of staff will receive a CSV export.

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