Where to find BE Paid on the Blossom Nursery Platform

Blossom has the option to allow nurseries to receive direct payments made by parents via the parent app.

Please note: To access BE Paid you will need to contact our customer service team on 01923 545 200. Once this feature has been activated you will need to access the Blossom Payment Gateway to begin your set up process.

To find the Blossom Payment Gateway go to:

More > Settings > Finance > Blossom Payment Gateway

Now, that you have reached the Blossom Payment Gateway please click 'Connect with Stripe'.

Once you have successfully connected to Stripe the nursery is able to receive, and parents are able to make, direct payments.

How it works

When Mobile payments (BE Paid) has been set up in the Nursery Platform, parents are able to use the feature in the Account section of the Parent App. Parents are able to pay using BACS Direct Debit or credit/debit card.

Supported Payment Types

BACS Direct Debit

BACS Direct Debit is recommended as it reduces the number of unpaid balances due to late payments or invalid / expired credit card details. Paying by Direct Debit, the parent’s bank account is automatically charged on the date specified by the nursery. The parents will receive an automatic email confirmation notifying them that they have been charged via Direct Debit.

When a parent sets up a BACS Direct Debit mandate and approves automatic charges, it will be included in the next BACS Direct Debit run.

Once the payments have been processed, it will be added to the nursery’s next payout. Payouts are done once a month on the last day of the month.

Debit/Credit Card Payment

Parents can also pay by debit or credit card. All they need to do is to add their card details in the Wallet which is found under the Parent App settings. Once payment has been successfully processed the parent will see a payment receipt for the transaction on their account immediately. If their card payment has failed, an error message will show up in the Parent App during the payment process. This means that the payment has been unsuccessful and their card will not be charged. For ease of use and to save time Parents are able to save their card details in our system for future card payments.

Parents are able to add and delete payment methods in the Wallet, which can be found in the Parent App settings.

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