What is BE Paid?

BE Paid allows parents to pay their nursery fees directly through the Blossom Parent App. Parents now have the option to use Direct Debit, card payment, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Once the nursery activates the feature, it will appear in the Parent App.

How to set up BE Paid

Your payment methods can be added before making a payment or in the Wallet.

  • Parent App > Click the three bar menu > Settings > Wallet > Select payment method or select add payment method > Select Debit or Credit Card > Input card details Save.

Please note: Payment details can then be added or removed in the Wallet.

How to pay a child's invoice?

Once an invoice has been raised by the nursery it will appear under 'account' on the Parent App'. Underneath the amount due you will see 'Make Payment'.

  • Parent App > Click the three bar menu > Account > See invoice > Click Make payment.

Here you have two options to choose from one off (Card Payment) and recurring (Direct Debit).

BACS Direct Debit (Recurring selected).

Firstly, the advantage of a Direct Debit means choosing the Direct Debit option means you will be able to settle the full invoice balance automatically every month once it is set up.

How to set up a Direct Debit?

To set up a direct debit, simply press ‘make payment’ and select the 'recurring' option.

  • BACS Direct Debit will appear under payment method > Click set up recurring payment > Input all details > Tick the terms > Click set up Direct Debit.

Two days prior to each Direct Debit run, you will be emailed to be notified of the upcoming payment. Direct debits are managed in the Wallet area of the Parent App.

Making a payment via card (One off selected).

To make a payment by card press ' make payment' and select 'one off'. Here, you have three options.

  • Current balance: The amount of the current invoice.

  • Oldest unpaid invoice: The amount of the oldest unpaid invoice.

  • Custom amount: An amount of your choice. For example; you may know you receive £250 pound in childcare vouchers and therefore want to pay a reduced amount.

Once you have selected the option for you click continue and click payment method. Select the payment method for example; the payment card or Apple Pay and then click pay now.

Top tip: If you need to add an additional card, after the payment you can access the wallet and save the details. It will make future payments even quicker and easier!

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