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Dietary Preferences & Allergies
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The dietary preferences report shows a list of all children and allows you to filter and export reports which identify certain allergies and preferences.

More > Reports > Dietary Preferences & Allergies

The report will display the following, the childs name, children’s session sets, any allergies & lastly their dietary preference.

Top tip: This information is all reflective of the information recorded in the child’s about profile.

Filters on the dietary preferences & allergies:

All Rooms: This allows you to filter by all rooms or a specific room.

All children: The report automatically defaults to all children however you can change this to children due in. This means only children due in will appear.

Interactive dietary preference bar: The report defaults to all children's preferences. This bar allows you to narrow down the search. For example, if you click no preference, you will only see children with no preference.

Top tip: Remember! If you click children with no preference & then want to view children who are vegetarian you will need to unclick the no preference selection. Otherwise, you will view both!

Exporting the dietary preferences & allergies report:

More > Reports > Dietary Preferences & Allergies > Export > Select staff member > Select report type > Select the children to show > Export.

Select report type: You are able to choose between two reports, allergies & dietary preferences or just a report showing allergies.

Show: You are able to choose between all children or only children with allergies and preferences.


Why would I need to export a dietary & allergies report?

  • This is a very useful document for your nursery chef, it allows them to have a copy of all the dietary requirements within the nursery!

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