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The financial forecasting report provides you with a monthly overview of future fees which are forecasted over the year that you choose from the drop down. The graph displayed will always be the same as the annual revenue report graph. Under the graph a list of all the children within the nursery will be visible as well as a breakdown of their total fees.

Finance > Financial reports > Forecasting > Select forecasted year.

The graph displayed will show the total invoiced amount in dark green, funding income in light green & a grey line to mark out the nursery forecasted fees.

You are able to hover over each month & a pop up will show with the figures for each month inclusive of your invoiced amount, funded amount & your forecast.

Scroll down to under the graph & the monthly overview of future fees for children appear > On the left all children’s names will appear & their date of births (DOB) > Across the top you will see each month & an arrow > Click on the arrow.

Here you will see the following headings: Fees, consumables, extra items, extra sessions, other, funding deficit, funding deducted, discounts, total invoiced amount, funding income & total revenue.

If a child has a monetary value under any of these headings it will show in black if it has not been invoiced & in green if it has been invoiced for.

Typically, we would expect the figures in black to not be visible once an invoice has been made. However, if there is a remaining amount the remainder will still show in black. For example if the forecasted amount is £100.00 pound & we have generated an invoice for £95.00. The forecasted amount will show as £5.00.

Top tip: If this happens, please ensure your auto calculation date is set correctly. If it is not it could mean certain items like extra items will not be pulled through to the invoice.

What is the most effective way to use financial forecasting?

Due to the nature of this report predicting future fees, as nurseries you should always add in sessions for new starters along with anything they may have on their account that costs. This will result in viewing more specific figures in your future forecasted reports.

I have made an update in the child’s profile but my forecast has not updated straight away?

Do not fear, this will update please do give the system a couple of minutes to allow for this update.

On the group platform, this report looks similar, but summarises the data as overall setting data. To view the nursery-level data, simply click on the site name.

Annual revenue report

This report provides a 12 month overview of total invoiced and forecasted income. It will include your fees in funding.

More > Finance > Financial reports > Annual revenue report > Select specific year > A graph appears & below is a monthly breakdown of where all amounts are being drawn in from.

Why is there dark green and light green?

The dark green is the total invoiced amount & the light green is the funding income.

What is the grey line?

This line is your forecasted income.

Why does this report not show all children’s names?

This is because the annual revenue report only gives you a break down in months taking into account finances from the child’s profile but does not specifically list all children.

Why are there black figures & green figures?

This is because green shows the actual amount invoiced & black shows the forecasted amount.

On the group platform, this report looks similar, but summarises the data as overall setting data. To view the nursery-level data, simply click on the site name.

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