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How can you set up auto log out after inactivity.

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On Blossom, you can now set your nursery devices to automatically log out after inactivity. However, first, you need to activate the feature and input the settings.

Individual Nursery

  • More > Settings > Security > General security settings > Session time out > Click edit > Turn the toggle to on > Input the time that you would like the system to log out > Save.

Organisational View

  • Settings > Security > Select how you would like to apply your security settings (Across organisation or separately for individual nurseries) > Save.

If you selected 'across organisation' you will need to follow the steps below.

  • Settings > Security > Security settings for all users > Click edit > Switch the toggle on > Input the time > Save.

Please remember: This will apply to everyone logged in across your organisation.

Next, if you have chosen to apply the settings separately for each individual nursery you will need to first set the times for group level users and then scroll down to individual nursery security settings and click on each nursery, turn the toggle on and input the time.

What happens when the inactivity time has been met?

A pop-up will appear. It will state that 'for security reasons, you will be logged out in'. At this point, you will have 60 seconds to either click log out or stay logged in.

Remember! If you click the 'x' it will remain as logged in & if you do not select either you will be automatically logged out.

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