On the parent app, parents can now view and edit certain areas of the child's all about me section.

How can a parent edit the child's all about me section?

  • Parent App > Click all about me > See the different sections > Click into the specific section > Click on a heading and make the edit > Save.

Which areas of the child’s all about me section can be edited?

  • General information: Gender, ethnicity, address, postcode.

  • Family: Siblings, position in the family, languages spoken at home, and a parent's marital status.

  • Health and Diet: Fussy eater.

  • Development: Drinking method, special educational needs, English as an additional language, daily routine, physical skills, language skills, social skills, attends another setting.

  • Likes and dislikes: Toys, books, food, other interests.

Currently, the information that cannot be edited is enrollment details, permissions, health, and diet information. When clicking on these areas a pop-up will appear stating ‘This field cannot be edited. Contact the nursery to update the information'.

How can a parent contact the nursery directly?

  • Send an instant message by clicking the message icon in the top right corner of your screen. This will only be visible if your nursery has the messenger feature activated.

  • On the parent apps home screen click nursery name and select call or email. This should show the nursery's email address and/or telephone number.

How does the nursery know if a parent has made a change?

A manager, Nursery Administrator, Room Leader, and a child's key person/persons will all receive a notification to alert them of the change made.

  • Blossomboard > Bell icon.

Can the nursery view a log of the changes made?

Yes, the nursery can view a change log within the child profile.

  • Children > Select child > About > Click three dots > Here you can see the log of changes made.

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