Watch our 60 second video to configure your Nursery Information, inclusive of opening & closing times.

Prefer to read? See our full step by step guide below!

To add your Nursery Information inclusive of opening & closing times click More > Settings > Nursery Information > Edit Pencil.

First, tick your open days and stipulate your opening and closing times. Remember to click save!

In this section you can also add your nurseries basic information such as name of setting, address, phone number and ofsted identifier.

You can add your own logo and prefered email address that will be visible on your Parent App.

There is the functionality to assign a System Owner! This is typically the Director or Manager responsible for your Blossom Account.


There are no children on my register.

This may be down to your Opening and Closing times not being set. To check this, follow the guide above.

I am open 7 days a week. How do I configure this?

When selecting which days your nursery is open for, ensure all 7 days are ticked. Remember to save!

Is there a quick way to select the times?

Yes! You are able to type into the time fields.

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