If the nursery that your child attends chooses to activate the instant messaging feature you will see a messaging icon in the top right hand corner of your Parent App.

Remember! If there is no icon. It could be that the nursery has chosen not to activate this feature.

Sending messages to your nursery is very quick and easy! Simply, follow the steps below.

  • Click the messaging icon > Select your child > Type your message > Click the send arrow.

How do parents know when the nursery have sent a message?

  • If your phone is locked & you allow notification you will first get a notification on your lock screen which reads 'New message'.

  • When you open the app & look at the instant messaging icon you will see a red circle with a figure inside. This figure represents the amount of unread messages that you have.

  • When you click the icon you will see the circle will change to blue & the figure will remain the same until you open up the messages.

How do I respond to an instant message?

  • Simply, click into the message & type you response. Once you have completed your response click the send arrow.

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