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Instant Messenger | Introducing messenger to parents
Instant Messenger | Introducing messenger to parents

Example narrative to introduce 2 way instant messaging to parents

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Here at Blossom we like to assist our nurseries in launching new features! We have created a short example narrative that can be used to introduce your parents to the 2 way instant messaging feature.

Remember! This is just an example. Therefore, please do edit & tailor it to your individual nursery.

Good Afternoon to all,

Welcome to the new instant 2-way messaging feature on Blossom.

The feature has been designed to make life much easier for parents and settings to communicate information such as please could you bring in more nappies, that your child is poorly or you are running late for pick up.

This means miscommunication can now be something of the past, all whilst giving parents the ultimate peace of mind by being able to communicate - especially if there is a message that needs to be passed on quickly!

To successfully use the messaging feature once we have activated it from the nursery side, please ensure you have the updated version of the app which is 2.7.1 for Apple users and 2.7.2 for Android users.

We cannot wait for you to start using the instant messenger. We hope it will be a valuable feature to you all.

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