On Blossom you are able to mark a child as enrolled or alternatively enrol the child.

Enrolling a child can be completed in a few simple steps.

  • More > Enquiries > Enquiries List > Click into the specific enquiry > Click Enrol Child > A pop up will appear asking you to confirm > Select 'mark as enrolled' or 'enrol'.

What happens if you select 'mark as enrolled'?

  • The enquiry will be hidden from the enquiry list. This is to ensure the list is kept neat and can then the enquiry can be found when using the status filter.

Top tip: This will also happen when changing the status of an enquiry to lost or no space available.

What happens if you select 'enrol'?

  • Once you have clicked enrol it will automatically take you to the add a new child page. When the child has been added the enquiry status will change to enrolled and in the top right corner it will present a link to the child profile

Top tip: If the child is not yet due to start, you may wish to archive them until their start date.

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