This report generates a detailed list of all contacts for every child within the nursery. Upon selecting it, you will be prompted to fill in which contacts you wish to export and whom it will be sent too.

More > Reports > Emergency Contact List > Select a group or all children > Select a manager or administrator to send too > Tick the parental responsibility box if you wish > Download.

You will be asked to select a group or all children, select a manager or administrator to send the export to & select whether you would like to have contacts with parental responsibility or not.

Parental responsibility selection box: If this is ticked, you will only receive the parents that have been selected as parental responsibility in the children's contact profile.

Once you have clicked download, an email will arrive in the selected manager or administrators email inbox with the report attached.

TOP TIP: If you cannot view the whole address, or whole contact name your document may require slight formatting. Such as stretching the cells & editing the format.

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