The yearly occupancy report provides you with a full time equivalent (FTE%) breakdown for each month across the year. These percentages are calculated based on the children’s session sets within their booking patterns & do not factor in extra sessions, holidays and absences.

More > Occupancy Report > Select type of report: Yearly > Select Date > Filter by room or leave blank for all rooms > Generate.

Once the report has been generated, you will see a bar graph which shows each month within the year as week commencing (w/c).

Top tip 1: You can hover over each month & a bubble will be displayed with the month & FTE%.

Top tip 2: You can use the arrows either side of the bar graph to view the previous or future years & the FTE % will adjust accordingly!

Top tip 3: You can click the filters icon to edit any filters for the report!

Below the graph, a complete breakdown will be displayed for each room or the specific room you have filtered by.

How is the FTE% calculated I hear you say?

  • Calculate the open days within a month & open hours per day.

  • Example (July) 23 open days multiplied by 10 hours per day (23x10=230).

  • 230 hours multiplied by the capacity within the room.

  • Example: 8 children within the room therefore (230 hours x 8 =1840).

  • Look at children’s individual booking patterns & work out hours per week & specific days.

  • Example: Child 1: Mon AM (5) & Wed FD (10), Child 2: Mon FD (10) & Tues FD (10), Child 3: Mon FD (10) & Tues FD (10). Therefore, 230 hours are occupied.

  • Total hours occupied divided by total hours available within the room.

  • Example: 230/1840 = 0.125

  • 0.125 multiplied by 100 = 12.5.

Top tip: This is rounded to the nearest whole figure therefore my FTE% for the specific month would be 13%.


My occupancy is not showing any data, what can I do?

  • Please do not fear! Simply, check to see whether your default room moves have been set up! Your default room moves create the room move flow for example, Baby Room > Toddler Room & Toddler Room to Leaving.

  • More > Rooms > Default Room Moves.

  • Now head back over to your occupancy report & see the visible data!

Top tip: Once your default room moves have been set up correctly a tick will appear across the top instead of a cross.

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