On Blossom, staff members can now receive notifications. A notification may be a task that needs to be completed or an update.

How can you see your notifications?

Blossomboard > Bell icon > See the red badge with the notification number.

Please click below to view what staff members will receive notifications for.

How will a staff member know when they have a new notification?

When there is a new notification, there will be a red dot that appears with a number. When the bell icon is clicked, the red badge will disappear.

Is there a maximum amount of notifications that you are able to receive?

Yes, the maximum number of notifications is 20.

How can a staff member tell which notifications are new and which notifications are old?

Once the notification bell has been clicked on, the new/unread notifications will appear in bold with a blue dot by the side. Notifications will display here for up to 30 days.

How can a staff member manage their notifications?

When clicking on the notification bell icon, you are able to click on the specific notification and it will redirect you to the related page. You are able to clear all messages as well as mark all messages as read.

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