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A quick guide to the BlossomBoard and how to edit it

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Watch our 60 second video to configure your Blossom Board.

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Your Blossom Board is your home screen on Blossom, this is where you'll come when you first log into Blossom. Below is an image of how this is displayed by default when you first log in:

The Blossom Board is made up from a number of different widgets to help you with everyday tasks such as registering children, sending diaries, sending invoices and more. The Blossom Board is fully customisable and you can choose which widgets to display in which order. To do this go to More > Settings. In settings, you are able to edit which Widgets are visible on your Blossom Board. To navigate to this go to: More > Settings > BlossomBoard > Edit.

Widgets & Their Functions

Upcoming Birthdays

Keeping track of birthdays in the nursery is important, you can see when children become eligible for funding or just make a child’s birthday special. The Upcoming Birthdays widget will display any child who has a birthday at the top of the widget, with other upcoming birthdays listed chronologically below.

Today's Date and Time

This is an automatically activated widget.

The date and time widget offers a clear display of the current date and time & will link with the time and date settings on your device.

Today's Attendance

This is an automatically activated widget.

This widget shows how many children are currently in the nursery, how many are due to be in the nursery and is connected to the register.

Top tip: If the widget is displaying incorrectly, it could be due to still having children signed in from a previous day or session.

This is an automatically activated widget.

Need to search for a certain child? You can do this from your Blossom Board instead of going through the Children page. The children registered in your nursery will show up here alphabetically, or you can use the search bar to find a child quickly. Archived children will not show up in your Children Search.

Observation and diary button

This is an automatically activated widget.

This widget has two clear functions. With the top button, you are able to go directly to the ‘create an observation’ page on Blossom and fill out an observation for a child. The lower button allows you to approve and send the diary via a pop-up. This will then send updates to the parents via email or the Parent App.


This is an automatically activated widget.

The Observations widget lists all of the observations which have been made and left in drafts, as well as a button to quickly take you to the ‘create an observation’ page. This widget also displays how many observations are awaiting approval.

Today's Allergies

This is an automatically activated widget.

This widget displays any children predicted to be in the setting who have any allergies or dietary preferences. By clicking on their profile icon, you will be taken to that child’s profile page.

Draft Invoices

Available to Managers & Administration Levels

This widget will give you a list of unsent invoices. It displays the child, the invoice number and total cost. When clicking on a draft invoice, it will take you to that invoice where you can edit, send or delete it.

Monthly income

Available to Managers & Administration Levels

This widget displays the income from your nursery across the current and previous month. It breaks down the income into ‘invoiced income’ & ‘funding income’.

Top outstanding accounts

Available to Managers & Administration Levels

This widget shows the total outstanding balance owed, as well as those children which have the highest outstanding balances.

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